Lamborghini URUS I 2020
customized artwork
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lamborghini urus I 2020


I came back from an unforgetable trip with a sportscar. I felt the acceleration, the sound and strength of the motor, the handling in curves, driving on tricky roads – a great moment. I wanted to create an artwork, that when i look at it, this moment is touched inside of me.
Connecting. Remembering.
Its about bringing some very special and unique on the table for a real car – enthusiast, like i am. Before creating, we will talk: Then i get an idea of you as a person, your passion and the connection to your Sportscar – The work on your unique and special artwork begins.


I get to know the driver as a person, we talk about your favorite route, experience your sportscar. Then I „capture“ the experience and think of an unique artwork, that I paint in the original color of your dreamcar. It is about capturing and representing the otherwise almost indescribable connection between people and their favorite car. That’s why I also name the offer for enthusiasts. For friends and lovers of real driving pleasure and experiences, with special automobiles for them.


When i say „enthusiasts“, i mean „enthusiasts“. Its about personality, connection and heart for the road. Brands are not relevant. Your experiences and your adventures are relevant. Its made for you: for streetlovers.

Best wishes,
Torsten Ulff


Automobiles / brands for which I can currently produce artworks:

Nissan GTR
Camaro SS
Dodge Charger
Muscle Cars
Rally Cars

Coop with other brands in progress.
Please ask for your model!
Thank you

Lamborghini URUS I Giallo Auge
artwork painted with origin color

You are welcome. Feel free to ak for conditions
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